Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Three Dollars

There has been three very different dollars since the inception of the for private Federal Reserve Bank.  The first dollar was almost identical to the one before it- the greenback that was redesigned by Lincoln.  It was backed both internationally and domestically by gold.  Then in 1933 with his first act as President, Roosevelt rid the world of the dollars ability to domestically settle for gold.  The second dollar lasted up until Richard Nixon banished the dollar's ability to settle internationally for gold, and that brings us to toady's dollar. 

Today's dollar is a total fiat debt instrument that has been monetized initially.  The whole fiat system is a charade from the get go.  It has been this way since 1971.  It was slowly eroded from 1933 until then, and of course since 1913, this was to be the plan.

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