Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Platinum Tonight

Tonight platinum will take off from $1800 onward, it's next stop is $2200.  It will sweep gold off it's feet and gold will wind up at $1650.  Silver will move to $36/$37.  Oil will be at $150 per barrel.  This will all happen by the Spring Solstice.

This is the next move, and all the ducks are lined up.  With a plethora of bad news heading down the pipe the economy will be torn to shreds.  The smallest market, precious metals, will absorb the brunt of investment.  Many dollars will not make it to the safe haven, and will be blown out in the deflation bomb.  Bernanke and all economists will beckon their books and theorize inputs and proper outputs.  The game will continue the same way it has been going for decades now.  There will be only a few more bumps in the road for real monie, gold and silver, to once again be recognized for what they are.

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