Monday, February 28, 2011

The US Folly

I want to put this lightly; America has over reached.  Well, they are about to.  I think they have over reached, but the dollar still trades on market (how, I do not know).  Once oil production goes from a thought problem to one no one can solve, as the House of Saud is bluffing at their capability, the price will be a wrench in the financial machine. 

Creating destiny comes from the beginning, it is not something that can be dictated.  America has pushed a regime of total control over the States of the world and now they think it can continue to maximum.  The US has deployed the brilliant minds of Clinton, McCain, and Lieberman to solve the Middle East and North African problems.  Yet is it not ironic that it is these three who have created the mess?  Through back door spending and inane foreign policy they have created an unbalanced world demanding justice.  They now walk into their own fire.

They can site rhetoric and they can send messages, but any and all are hollow.  Clinton should note she spoke of civil freedoms while a leading intelligence operative, Ray McGovern, was beaten and taken away in hand cuffs for turning his back on her.  Hypocrisy will now once again show itself on the faces of the US envoy as they tell others what to do, but do not follow their own rules.

The riots are about living standards, as the ones in Wisconsin are.  Will Americans realize these before their politicians make fools of them and dictate terms to those who are not under their authority?  Will Americans realize that their politicians are figure heads, and actually have no authority in any matter, from Bahrain to Green Bay?  Politicians do not tell us what to do, and they do not tell anyone what to do.  We tell them what to do.  The serve the people, if they are American or otherwise.  If the US pretends like human rights and freedoms do not matter, it will be their wake up call, as the rest of the world knows the truth.  Destiny is created by the people, not by the politicians.

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