Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Platinum's paper Decouples

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, which many people have (and it has been my pleasure writing for all of you) you may remember the original levels I set for the Next Big Move.  They were:

Platinum at $1800.

Silver at $31.

Gold at $1400.

Oil at $105.

I have noted the breakouts in platinum (from $1800 to $1840) and gold (from $1400 to $1440) and silver ($34 speaks for itself) so it is once again fun watching the ebb and flow of the manipulation mania that has taken hold of the paper markets.  They continue to decouple, and today platinum was let go of by many paper contracts.  Very little physical is being sold at a loss, as most is for long term holding.

Oil versus the dollar may be the last thing that goes.  Once it is past the tipping point, America will have to take major cuts in its standard of living.  If America had remade its infrustructure to maintain sustainability, maybe there would be no problem.  But now that America can no longer rely on Mid East/North African oil, it has little to do.  Military conquest is not a viable option, as it takes oil to power the fleets.  There is no good solution, but it may be an oppurtunity.

Time affords much to think about.  The future is for the making.  Humanity has come a long way since Earth's and life's beginning.  We still have love in our hearts.  We should never forget that.

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