Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gold to $1650

Tomorrow gold will break from its upper support level of $1440 to $1650 in the span of the next month.  It will happen by the Spring Solstice.  There are too many problems with the dollar, with oil production, and with entitlements to stop it from happening.  That and the charts say so.

This is resistence of my upper support level of $1440.  This is gold.  Gold may be a little over rated in my book, I am much longer silver than gold, but it is monie.  Gold has silver at its back, and oil is surging on turmoil.  Also with gold is platinum, who broke out long ago.  This is the first step of the climb up, which ends by 2012....

Gold at $10k easy.

Oil at $500/b easily.

Silver at $500 easy.

Platinum at $13k.

The dollar will be made not the reserve currencie.

This is inevitable, unless people take matters into their own hands and buy silver.


  1. I heard the same thing in years 1980-81.
    Watch silver after it hits 35.
    And gold will never see 1600 in this round.

  2. That was 30 years ago. Fiat was still a fresh concept. Oil production had not peaked. Welcome to the new world.