Monday, February 7, 2011

US Equities and the Dollar

Today, US equities moved with a stronger dollar.  The opposite has been the case since the crash of '08.  Since that Fall, the dollar has traded inversely equities, and vice versa.  Gold has managed to trade both with an outgoing dollar, as it has been able to swim upstream against the current of a "strong" dollar.  Gold has proved superior to equities because of this reliability.  Is that still the case?

People will always use gold as monie, but because corporations have established such blatant power regarded in the White House especially behind the likes of Daley and Immelt, they are reigning supreme.  Gold will always have a place at the table, as will the people of the world, but the oilgarchs have amassed incredible limit to this time.  Corporations may just be unstoppable.

If it is tax breaks or special permits corporations get their way when it comes to American business.  The culture has been made to accept this by the constant saturation of advertising.  It is even threaded into pop art.  Corporations wear a mask America can not see.

With the banking crisis unfolding towards a new design of global capitalism (whether it is capitalistic in definition or not) the world is set for change.  The change will come from activity.  Passivity will destroy the nature of humanity.  Corporations are not natural, they are mechanical.  If humanity can not recognize the separation of itself by the corporations it is doomed to repeat its cycle of self defeat.

Power should never belong to a force outside of humanity.  This is akin to accepting another species way of life.  We do not sleep like cows, because we are not cows.  Humanity's culture has been made separate by personal time spent not painting a landscape, but doing make up.  Not writing a poem, but surfing pornography.  Life is self fulfilling, like it or not.

We have chosen corporate rule since the Federal Reserve Bank was installed as the money issuer of the United States of America.  We can change this.  We must be the change we wish to see.  No one and no thing can dictate otherwise.

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