Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dictator's Quandary

Should a dictator stay in his country if it is on the verge of revolution?  They will say they will fight for their Divine right to rule, but they will flee every time.  There is nothing left for the dictators to steal from their people now that the State Treasuries have been looted.  They were first looted by the IMF/World Bank, and now are being looted by the dictators as they flee the ruins.

Libyan Mumarr Gaddafi is the latest dictator to flee.  All are taking gold bullion reserves with them.  When the rulers of countries are fleeing with their chief asset, the end game is in sight.  What happens next will be dictated by monetary policy.

The Fed has its back against a wall.  They can not raise rates because the interest payments on the debt would crush the taxpayers, but the dollar will be printed into nothing unless otherwise.  The game is up for the Keynesians, but they will not walk off the field without a fight.  Their policy is about to die in front of the cameras.

Behind the scenes the rulers of the world plan to live out their days on acreage in sunny countries, away from the hoards of mad consumers.  They have gold and land and they plan on retiring that way.  These are the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Gaddafis, the Mubaraks, and the Turners.  They are the planners of policy, and their back up plan is to walk away until the dust settles, if ever.

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