Friday, February 11, 2011

Life after Egypt

Platinum has found support at the all important $1800 level.  Silver rests easy at $30, and gold likes $1358.  I think the next big move is around the corner.  Blythe and Ben say, 'Thank god it is Friday!'

The revolutions of North Africa are likely to continue.  Algeria is setting up for protests this weekend, and a few more States are taking action.  If the wind is right, the monarchies could all fall.  Hopefully the people of the Middle East keep their heads.  They have a lot to gain, but a lot to lose.  Everyone must tread carefully.

I am very interested to see if this motivates America and Europe.  Peaceful demonstrations are proven to work, and if the people of the first world are as disenfranchised with their government's policies as they say, we may see some action.  Of course, it may be reserved for when oil hits $5/ gal.  Either way, the stage is set.

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