Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes Virginia, there is a President's Working Group on Financial Markets

Don't believe it?  Search the term.  You will find out the President's Working Group on Financial Markets is real.  They were established by President Regan (spelling is correct, see Don) in '87 after the crash, so to stabilize the markets.  This very illegal privilege has been used and abused to such an extent lately that it is obvious to even the untrained eye.  Want to learn how?

Today precious metals got truckin' and then they majically stopped when the miners turned down.  The miners stayed down, even after precious metals found support and ticked back up.  So ask yourself, if spot prices affect miners, do miners affect stock prices?  The betcha!

Barricks Gold Miners has one of the largest reserves on the planet.  When their equity falls, it affects their reserves.  When their reserves are affected, so are everyone else's.  So that is why Bernanke/Geithner top tick miners.  They are doing everything imaginable to keep gold down.  They probably have even raided their Mamas jewelry boxes.

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  1. Very interesting post re: the miners! Never thought of that angle!